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Parenting advice has changed a lot since you were a kid, plus parents are always right, right? Help the parent s -to-be decorate the nursery with sweet mementos from their friends and families. Give everyone a baking cup and a few different colored pieces of dough and set a timer for 15 minutes. What Am I? Then, ask each guest to predict the day and time the baby will be born, and write their prediction on the paper or calendar. Set a timer for five minutes and see who can unscramble the most words during that time! It may help to know the nursery theme beforehand, so feel free to get input from the parent s -to-be. Copy the list with the blank lines next to the false facts and distribute one to each guest. To make the game more difficult, you can also choose a particular letter the names should begin with. The pass the gift baby shower game is another classic that you may have played at other parties. Want a personalized experience?

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How to play: Hand out the list of questions to each guest. What were the names of the five Huxtable kids on The Cosby Show? Guests have to write down what they think is in each bag without opening them. Before the shower, gather a selection of small baby items. How to play: Write down the exclamations the mother-to-be says when opening her presents. After all, not everyone craves the limelight.


For a twist on the classic Pin the Diaper on the Baby shower game, try this funny version. Whoever has the most pins at the end of the party wins. Then: hot potato! You can prep a quiz sheet and have prizes at the ready, or just have people shout out their answers and keep things casual—whatever floats your boat. At the shower, give your guests one ticket for each pack they bring. Have your guests help brainstorm some options with this funny baby shower game. What you need: Paper and pen. We hope it helps you choose some fun activities as you host a baby shower. Place the hanger, with clothes, on a hook. How to play: Give each guest a drink with a baby-filled ice cube in it. Awkward school pictures, anyone? Before the party, print out our baby bingo sheet and give one to each guest.

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  • What you need: A smartphone and a computer or a TV screen that hooks up to your computer.
  • Some people love it, some people would rather pass.
  • Parenting advice has changed a lot since you were a kid, plus parents are always right, right?
  • Decoración para Baby Shower: Lámpara de Papel.
  • Whichever guest answers the most correctly gets a prize.

As with any party, the best baby showers are those where the conversation is lively and time seems to fly. And nothing does that better than a few well-chosen baby shower games. Scroll down for a roundup for fun baby shower games ideas, and get ready for some entertainment! The best baby shower games are first and foremost fun. This way, everyone has a chance to be the center of attention. Hint: Have more than one baby shower prize ready for each game, just in case! This fun baby shower game has friends and family members vying to prove who knows the most about the mom-to-be. It calls for very little prep and is easy to play with a big crowd, making it one of the best baby shower games around. How to play: Read your list of questions out loud and have guests write their answers down on paper. Whoever has the highest number of correct answers wins. She is the one being honored! This one does take a little bit of prep, but everyone is sure to get a kick out of seeing childhood photos of the guest of honor. Awkward school pictures, anyone? What you need: Several pictures of the mother-to-be all at different ages, plus paper and a pen for each guest. Before the party: Ask the guest of honor for past pictures of herself at different ages. Arrange them on a poster board or table with a number next to each. How to play: Ask guests to write down how old they think the mom-to-be was in each picture. Whoever gets the most right wins. After all, not everyone craves the limelight.

Las mejores ideas para organizar tu baby shower y que sea pampers baby shower. Desde las invitaciones, la comida, los juegos para baby shower y la pampers baby shower si es un baby shower para niño o un baby shower para niña. Juegos para revelar el género del bebé. Juegos de trivialidades para Baby Shower, pampers baby shower. Cómo hacer decoraciones para Baby Shower: Banderín de coche. Texto para las invitaciones a un Baby Shower. Baby Shower: algunos tips para elegir anfitrion y organizar los regalos. Tienes casi todo listo, pero ¿no sabes qué comida hacer para tu Baby Shower? Tranquila, aquí puedes encontrar ideas para preparar bocadillos para baby shower fáciles y deliciosos ¡Descubre nuestros consejos! Si aún te faltan detalles por definir, aquí te dejamos varias ideas maravillosas.

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Pampers baby shower. Baby Shower Ideas

Celebrating the impending arrival of a new baby is a great reason for friends, family, and colleagues to get together. But even if the guests do know one another, sometimes a quick icebreaker can set the mood and get the fun going! The following baby shower games can help your group become acquainted and have fun in pampers baby shower process, pampers baby shower. For this game, when you send the invites out, ask everyone to bring a baby photo to the party. Collect all the photos at the beginning of the shower and post the pictures around a room with a number attached to each one. Distribute blank numbered lists pampers baby shower ask guests to guess who is pictured in each photo. At Halloween, you bob for apples; at baby showers, you bob for pacifiers! Fill each individual bowl with water and place the bowls in a row. Add the pacifiers to the bowls and ask your guests to line up with hands behind their backs. Blow a whistle or shake a rattle to start the game—whoever gets all their pacifiers first wins! If you want, you can buy some baby shower prizes and number them, pampers baby shower, and then number the pacifiers, too.



It calls for very little prep and is easy to play with a big crowd, making it one of the best baby shower games around. How you play: Have guests sniff or pampers baby shower dip a finger to taste the chocolates and guess which kind is on each diaper.

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