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And the art is also good. September 11, She remembered that she was dead. Completed Manhua , Revenge , Romance. Short answer is no. DillycaT , Mar 21, I kind of predict a slap coming although I really want them to end up together? I really love this comic.. Umm is the misunderstanding here little? July 18, at am. Lilian Webb would not be kind to Camila. October 27, at am. Call me maybe. Jesus Christ. If I find out, I will hate you and cry until I faint!

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In this life, she would make those who had harmed and betrayed her before pay for what they had done! But here the fl was weak and have a good character development with the chapters. August 2, at am. How dare you don't work hard for us? Strong FL. I love it. December 27, at am. Completed Manhua , Revenge , Romance. Simple love ML full trust towards FL. Something mentally taxing or stressful just occurred!


April 27, at pm. From what I have read so far, the husband is the type to be jealous, cheats on his wife and when he was drunk he forced himself on her. I was inspired by it. June 1, at am. The problem is the ending is way to rush!? Neng siu. I have a feeling like another blackmail is cooking up and then a ton of misunderstandings coming from that. July 16, at pm. However, something unplanned stopped her in the way -- she was charmed by a crippled man. Your mother couldn't give birth to someone useful, yet she gave birth to a good-for-nothing like you. Lilian Webb would not be kind to Camila.

MY WIFE HARD TO PAMPERED Capítulo 18 página 47 | Manga español, Manga

  • Are you even crying?
  • She remembered it!
  • She stayed away from the two of them.
  • Please update more frequently.

Log in. Novel Updates Forum. Spoiler Pampered the Ex-wife! It's a manhua. The main characters are the husband and wife. From what I have read so far, the husband is the type to be jealous, cheats on his wife and when he was drunk he forced himself on her. He is the hypocritical immature type who doesn't like it when the wife is seen with another man who is interested in her when he is cheating on her himself with multiple women one including his wife's sister. I don't know what he is trying to do. Does he want her attention? Does he want her to follow along with whatever he wants to do like having a threesome with another woman? The wife is deeply in love with him and can't seem to let her husband go. She did divorce him later on and had a miscarriage. Does anyone know the ending to this? I don't mind angst but this one has a shit ton of it and I want to know whether the wife will marry another man who truly loves her and knows how to show it. Along with, whether she will finally get a happy ending and grow a titanium spine for once. UpInTheAir , Jun 1, Short answer is no. This novel seems to fall into that certain genre where you have a M heroine who loves her abuser and you have a slag ML who never repents, but they still end up together for a "happy end". Personally, I've long been over this type of novels and I'm better off.

Feeling deeply hurt, she get drunk. Increasingly entanglement in this agreed marriage, unexpectedly her husband who was originally a small assistant was actually the Big Boss of the Imperial My wife hard to pampered Yun Group, my wife hard to pampered. Behind the deception and lies, exactly how many unknown secrets are hidden. Notes from Manga SY All our manhua content is protected under copyrighted law. Manga SY never give anyone authorised or permission to publish our contents on other website. Therefore stop stolen our works or else we will take legal action against you. Your email address will not be published. Don't subscribe All new comments Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting.

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My wife hard to pampered. Crippled Master Pampered His Beloved Wifey

What a my wife hard to pampered girl! Get up immediately and go clean up the chicken's nest! Someone called loudly in Camila Webb's ears. The feeling of death was painful to the extreme. Suddenly, her body was slapped hard twice. She thought that she was strongly resisting, but she only let out a slight snort, my wife hard to pampered. Are you going to pretend sick and continue to sleep? You must have lived a comfortable life recently so that you have become so lazy. Just wait. I'll tell your grandmother to not let you have your meals today. She remembered that she breathed her last breath while suffering in front of the complacent woman in the dark dungeon. Camila slowly opened her eyes. A black ceiling came into her sight, and she was lying on a hard wooden bed. She could pick up the damp and stuffy smell at the tip of her nose. It was so familiar.



December 13, at am. Weak FL who only gets more idiotic as the story progresses.

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Manhua - My Wife Hard To Pampered Chapter 5 Manga US

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